Hanukkah Kid Crafts

Dreidel Delight
Supplies: White paper, white crayon, blue paint

Directions: Using a white crayon and a dreidel template, trace the dreidel shape with white crayon on white construction paper. Then paint over the shape with watered-down blue tempera paint. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on gold or blue glitter. When dry shake off any excess glitter.

Dreidel Painting
Supplies: Dreidle, paper, paint, a tray

Directions: Put paint on tray's and let Children dip a Dreidel in the paint and spin the Dreidel on paper.

Cardboard Tube Menorah
Supplies: 9 cardboard tubes, tape, markers, long piece of cardboard, red - orange and yellow tissue paper

Directions: Cut 1/2 inch off of 8 of the tubes. Either cover the 9 tubes with construction paper, paint them, or color with markers. Feel free to decorate tubes with glitter and markers, you can also draw a Star of David on the center tube. Try to use blues and silver to decorate the tubes. Now, place the taller tube in the middle and 4 shorter ones on each side. Tape together and glue to the long piece of cardboard (you can also stick them into a piece of foam). Decorate the base to match. Tear apart the tissue paper and insert various colors (red, orange, yellow) into the top of each tube to represent the flame of a candle.

Marshmallow Menorahs
Supplies: Marshmallows, tagboard, birthday candles, frosting

Directions: Let children make a menorah using frosting and marshmallows. Give each child a piece of tagboard 11" x 4" (28cm x 10cm), ten marshmallows, and nine candles. Have the children spread some white frosting on the bottom of each marshmallow and then put them onto the tagboard. With the Frosting, "glue" a second marshmallow on top of the middle marshmallow to create the shammash or "servant." Poke birthday candles into each marshmallow to create a menorah.

Supplies: Paper, scissors, glue, glitter, paint

Directions: Trace the children's hands on yellow paper, have them cut them out and glue on blue construction paper so the shapes of the pinkies overlap. Cut nine white paper flames. You can mix a bit of glitter with paint or use glitter glue to make the flames shine brightly.